What are no credit check mobile phones?

As the name implies, this is the kind of mobile phone contract where credit checks are not mandatory before you can get approved for a plan of your choice. It is basically designed to do away with the trauma of feeling discriminate simply because you have a poor credit rating.

Who qualifies to apply for no credit check mobile phones?

Basically, anyone can apply for no credit check mobile phones. However, this type of phone contract was originally designed for those with bad credit or less than average credit score. In this regard, if you have perennially been on the receiving end of rejections, then its time you thought of applying for no credit check mobile phones that essentially have a high approval rating for people with a poor credit rating.

What are the eligibility requirements for this kind of phone contract?

The eligibility requirements are quite simple. You simply need to be a legal citizen of the United Kingdom, provide us with proof of income and be over the age of 18 years. When you meet the aforementioned eligibility requirements, you can apply for no credit check mobile phones and we can assure you of approval.

Do you require an upfront deposit?

Considering that we do not use credit checks to determine whether you get approved for a phone contract or not, there are times based on your credit score that we might require you to pay a small upfront fee. This is simply to mitigate the risks on our side and ensure that you get the best deals imaginable.

What could make my application for a no credit check mobile phone declined?

Basically, at Playful Phones, we strive to approve all applications made by people with bad credit. However, while approval is almost always guaranteed, there are instances when we might be forced to decline your applications. If you provide us with inaccurate information then we have no choice but to reject your application. On the other hand, errors in your application might lead to your applications rejection. However, this is temporal as once you have rectified the errors we always approve your application within no time.

Do I have a free hand to choose the kind of mobile handset I desire?

Yes. We have a wide array of mobile handsets that you can choose from while making an application for no credit check mobile phones. However, we limit you from choosing high end phones because they are costly and pose high risk to us.

Do you offer different no credit check mobile phone plans or do you dictate the plan on my behalf?

At Playful Phones, we believe in the freedom of choice based on a person’s tastes and preferences. That is the reason why we have availed to our customers different plans so that they can go for one based on their preferences as well as budget.

What if I want a refurbished mobile phone?

At Playful Phones, we are acutely aware of the fact that people have different financial muscles and there are those who based on their budget cannot afford brand new phones. In this regard, we also offer contracts for refurbished phones so that we do not lock out customers with a relatively low budget.

How long does it take before I receive my mobile phone?

At Playful Phones, we are all about offering effective and efficient services to our customers. In this regard, we always endeavor to approve applications and forward the handsets to our customers within 24 hours. It actually depends on whether you provide us with all the documentations at the time of your application and if your application contains no errors of omission and commission.