Are no credit check mobile phones the answer to people with bad credit?

A glance at the past and you will agree that no credit check mobile phones were nonexistent phenomena. In fact a mention of the word no credit checks was frowned upon as it was largely considered and rightfully so, the modus operandi. This aspect of it has not changed to date but is mostly overlooked when it comes to no credit check mobile phone contracts. UK citizens who suffered the indignity of one rejection after the other now had the ample opportunity to slay their dragon of fear and apply for mobile phone contracts with confidence.

In the wake of all this, the sheer number of no credit check mobile phone providers in the UK is testimony to the popularity of these kinds of contracts. To the uninitiated or those who have had any sort of brush with rejections, the question uppermost in their lips is whether “no credit check mobile phones” contracts is the answer to the problems that people with bad credit face every time they apply for a phone contract. Well, in order to answer this question conclusively, we are going to shed light on the options that people with a poor credit rating have in so far as approval for a mobile contract is concerned.

No credit check mobile phones

As the name implies, this is the kind of contract specifically designed for UK citizens with a less than average credit score. The catch phrase of course is the fact that applicants do not have to grapple with credit checks which might hinder their chance of getting an approval. However, since credit checks are a requirement, the fact of statement is that credit checks are done but have no bearing in the final determination of whether a person is approved or not. But is this the only option that customers with a poor credit rating have? Is this the only answer? Of course not! There are other options that customers in the UK with bad credit can go for.

Bad credit mobile phones

From the sound of the name, there is no denying that it’s another effective option for individuals with a less than stellar credit rating. If you have bad credit and feel like “no credit check mobile phones” are not an option for you, you can always apply for bad credit mobile phones. The script is almost the same though bad credit mobile phones use credit scores to determine the plan that best suits your financial circumstances.

Guaranteed mobile phone contracts

Additionally, if you have a poor credit rating, you can also apply for guaranteed mobile phones contracts. This kind of contract assures you get an approval irrespective of how bad your credit score is. They also do not utilize credit checks to deter or deny a UK citizen approval. However, there are a number of UK providers who insist that you must pay a small amount of money as upfront payment before you can be approved.

In light of the above, it’s clear that "no credit check mobile phones" are not the only answer to UK citizens with a poor credit rating. A person can choose to also apply for either guaranteed mobile phone contracts or bad credit mobile phones.