About Us

Playful Phones is a leading and top tier no credit check mobile phones provider in the United Kingdom. We have been around for a number of years and can confidently say that our record speaks of itself. The number of people with a poor credit rating that we have been able to help snag a mobile phone contract is testimony to the fact that we believe in equal opportunities regardless of whether a person has a poor credit rating or not. We continue to set the pace in the United Kingdom by being the provider of choice for those seeking to get approved for a mobile phone contract yet they have bad credit.

In our attempt to offer the best services, we not only aspire to help as many people as possible get approved for a mobile phone contract but also take it within our strides to ensure that they are well informed before making their ultimate choice. We boast of highly qualified and dedicated customer personnel who have a clear understanding of mobile phone contracts and who provide our customers with the best advice prior to them applying for a phone contract.

Our policy of no credit checks has given individuals with a less than stellar credit score reprieve as they can now apply confidently for no credit check mobile phones without having to worry that they might not be approved. Our vast networks coupled with the fact that we have the highest approval rates in the market are what have put us on a different pedestal with other providers in the market. We believe in giving each customer an equal opportunity and ensure that they get the best deals when doing business with us.